What determination exactly is?

We should learn determination from those forces which we don’t like mostly as well. Because only see the challenger who is weaker and our sympathies simply go with him but we don’t see the level of determination from the other end. A bird flies and we admire, he fly higher and we admire, if he survive in wind, storm, rain or some other critical situation so we really appreciate but we didn’t admire the gravity which is always pulling him down to earth. Which is always determined that the bird do a single mistake and he will never be able to restore his position. The same way, we appreciate the candle, a little fire or light in darkest night and keep admiring if it lasts the whole night but we don’t appreciate the darkness that you are unable to see any single thing so that’s how the night is really dark. I think, determination should be perceived from the forces which are mostly seem dominant but perfect in their attitude. What a lovely feel it is, a bird has to fly for every single second but gravity is looking just for one chance and he will in the lap of descent.